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Our Values

Wildthorn was founded by people passionate about working outdoors. Whether we are helping to manage a nature reserve, a local park or your garden, we get a buzz knowing that we are doing a little bit of good, caring for our environment, the wildlife and the people who enjoy it.

Our Passion

Here at Wildthorn we love big open spaces and the joy they bring us. Access to good quality green space has been proven to be vital to human health and well being.

Our gardens, lawns, courtyards, window boxes, hedges and pot plants all contribute something vital to our urban environment. Our little urban oases enrich our lives and provide a haven for wildlife. This is why we are as excited looking after a garden as we are a national nature reserve!

No Job Too Small!

Even the forgotten corners of our gardens, the compost heaps and the bits under the hedge that nobody sees, all provide hidden corridors and food sources for our garden birds, small mammals even frogs, toads and newts. If you want handy hints on how to add a little wildlife friendliness to the way you garden we are happy to help!

Next Steps...

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